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“5 Ways to Master Your Money”

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“5 Ways to Master Your Money” – Self-made millionaire Tony Robbins

I’m still pinching myself, to see if this was all just a dream or true reality.   Ive been putting this out there for a few years now, promising myself that one day in the near future I’ll get to speak to this amazing man.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to speak with Tony Robbins who I have admired and learned so much about Self Development from, over the last decade.

I spoke with Tony this morning for half an hour and this amazing human being shared with me an awesome amount of unforgettable advice that was too good to keep to myself, so I’m sharing the audio podcast and takeaway points with you about his new book MONEY Master the Game, Life, Love, Coaching and Giving Back!      Enjoy!

1. Use Asymmetrical Risk Reward:—
“98% of the best investors and business builders on earth do not take huge risks. They do something call asymmetrical risk reward.

Asymmetrical risk reward means, they take the least amount of risk humanly possible, to get the highest possible reward. If they’re going to risk something they want to risk as little as possible to get the giant returns.

If you look at Richard Branson, he’s a risk taker when it comes to his life but he isn’t when it comes to investing in business. In business Richard’s number one question is; “How do I protect the downside?”

When he was creating Virgin Air. He went to Boeing and made a deal that said “If I lose, if I fail. I get to give you back these planes in 2 years and I have no liability, it will cost me nothing.”

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He took no risk with all upside and he hit a grand slam home run as he has multiple times in his life.”

2. Money Advice For The Younger Generation:—

“It’s not all about being patient with your investments it’s about being smart with your money. If you’re a millennial you can start with a small amount of money and it can truly grow.”

Albert Einstein said that understanding this geometric effect is one of the most important things to understand in humanity and most people don’t, so get yourself started on playing this smart.

Most people over estimate what they can do in a year, but they completely underestimate what they can do in a decade. I’m here to tell you a decade will happen before you ‘snap’ your fingers.”

3. Here’s How You Can Achieve Success In Any Industry:—
“There’s no substitute for putting yourself on the line and having to produce results. The ultimate advantage in business is the truth.   The ultimate breakthrough is when you can do something and deliver something that no one else does.”

4. How To Find a Better Ways to Contribute to The World:—
“Over the next 90 days sent out to investigate things that you think might touch you or move you and go and see the work other people are doing in the contribution space and see what triggers you.

Set out on a 90 day journey, where once a week you go and do something as part of what somebody else is doing and you find out what touches you the most, and once you know what touches you the most, then you can brainstorm: what is the first way I can engage and give back in that certain area? And just start it.

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You need to put yourself in that environment and find something that strikes you emotionally. There are so many great things that could hit you, but it needs to be something you personally connect to and you only know that by experiencing it.”

5. Tony Robbins *Hypothetical* Last Ever 30 Second Speech to The World:—
“Life is love and love is an act, it’s not a thought, and while you’re alive you only have so much time. So the more you can make love the guiding force in your decision making, the more your going to make decisions that not only fulfil you but make your life meaningful.

Not everything in life is happy, not everything in life is easy, but you can have something better than just happiness, you can have a life that’s meaningful, you can have a life that matters, if you let love and contribution be the driving force in your life.”


Source: Millionairex101.com

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