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A Plan for Regulated Cannabis Legalisation Throughout Africa

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A Plan for Regulated Cannabis Legalisation Throughout Africa

On Paper or false public perception, Africa is slowly following the world on Cannabis legalisation, but the reality on the ground is much worse . Take Ghana as example, they have reportedly legalised Hemp over two years now, but they are not issuing hemp licences to farmers. They have false surrender and are just importing hemp products around the world, like many African Countries. Similarly in South Africa, the courts did the first step of over-turning the bad Cannabis laws, but the politicians are dragging their feet to make the good laws for people to farm and make products. Most African countries import hemp products in the billions now, and have rising importing of western higher quality Cannabis flowers for the rich and Tourists. We can legally consume hemp products, but not allowed to produce it? Very few African countries have issued licenses for Cannabis and a big percentage of that is to Western Companies in Africa for European Medical Cannabis. Our mission is to free Cannabis prisoners and help ordinary Africans produce different types of Cannabis and make many Cannabis products for economic growth and other benefits. We need caring Africans+ in and outside Africa to help Africa.

Where are The African Activists, Successful Business folks, and Politicians for Cannabis Legalisation, Africa-wide or worldwide?

I suspect there is a ‘Jew’ or xyz called financial interest, indifference, and/or ingratitude telling western politicians and wealthy folks to quietly legalise Cannabis for western people, make billions, sell some to AFRICA+, but sympathise with African Lgbtq than marijuana folks who far outnumber them in prisons, in and beyond Africa. The other reality is there is no Jew, except fear+, telling African politicians there marijuana laws make sense or is kind. It is also vital for all the Cannabis activists in and beyond Africa to form an inner group towards an outer group for legalisation. The inner group can be mainly respectable activists from different countries, but should include rich folks and politicians for legalisation. Burna-Boy of Nigeria and P Diddy of u.s and many others are reportedly investing millions in the Cannabis Industry, but will they consider Africa if reminded or wait for Activists to work without financial and logistical help to free our people ? Activists immensely contributed to why you can invest in Cannabis today and we are not asking one million dollars per Activist, but how we can work together to help Africa make much more Billions in the new Cannabis industry and also stop the Arrests of our youths over Cannabis in reasonable ways like or better than Canada , California, and others. You can contact me on WhatsApp +220 3787 999 towards forming the group, but you should also contact your neighbouring countries for the activists, business folks, and politicians who may join or help beyond advice.

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Beside the many strategies we can discuss and explore towards Cannabis legalisation, An Africa wide musical Tour can help beyond Raising funds and the sensitization needed in Africa, similar to how NormL did in u.s. The kick off place for such a Tour can be Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, or South Africa. The Reasons I am naming these countries as preferred place is due to better hosting infrastructure, spending power of consumers, and population. I happen to be Gambian, but if you can convince the inner Group that having the kick off in Egypt , New York, Gambia, or Cameron is better, I will respect the votes. What matters more to me is touring at least twenty Countries and giving enough percentage towards more sensitization and court battle cost for legalisation in every Country.

Burna-Boy, P Diddy, and others can help reach-out to Akon, Bounty killer, Sizzla, Koffee, Damien Marley, and other Artists who may gladly contribute in one form or another. African Prisons are hard and If Dangoteh, Mo Ibrahim, or Oprah Winfrey truly understand the damage our Cannabis laws do, they will donate to organisations or movement where Diddy , Burna Boy or xyz ascertain transparency. Cannabis companies around the world may donate and human right activists may learn to urge. The traditional political prisoners and journalists in prison deserve help, but the truth is marijuana folks dominate African Prisons, they are different types of political prisoners , and may God reward their freeing like the Koran said about ‘free a neck’. Freedom is even more valuable than the millions or billions of the mentioned, and we have the task to work and God may free many more countries. Many politicians are also on cowardly political survival mood, so until people demand it strongly, only super brave politicians will act. The supreme Court judges can be educated to act, but need a court case and smart lawyers arguing for Conscience, as in South Africa, Mexico, and Beyond. Many African politicians will gladly respect a lower than supreme Court judge legalising cannabis and may not appeal.

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So your task is to share and try to build a network, including contacting me on WhatsApp +220 3787 999 . Be ready to do it with or without me, start regional networking. Blessings to the messengers and Praises to the Lord of the universe. May God bless us with Showlove Trinity: Let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo
An Activist and Transformer.

Optional note:
International law always gave countries the option of issuing licences for medical or research purposes, but African officials are unaware or unwilling to issue such licences to fellow Africans. Even before Cannabis was legalised in any western country, they used this window to issue licences, publish many questionable research conclusions, but also to legally help very limited sick people, especially in Canada. So with our team of lawyers, we can seek such licences and try different means of legalisation beyond the court possibility.

The Tour and other means will be to sensitize the public and eventually give politicians the courage to do right. The Tour can raise funds and the inner or executive group will decide how to help every country, but focus on which countries first. We should have the Tour within months, before summer time. Using African Artists, U.S, and Jamaican Artists can get a team that will attract crowd even in poor Gambia. Some Artists may perform just the opening country or few countries, but some may Tour Africa-wide.

Having at least two prominent Cannabis activists or groups per country may help. First , for more trust, but also as safety net. If One Senegalese or xyz is weak, the other may help. If both are strong, then each will have a region to lean on. Depending on how much money we can gather, having few full time employees and volunteers will be needed. The top activists in a country may be too busy as full time employee, but s/he can oversee an office or movement.


We have prisoners to free, billions for African jobs, hemp seeds for healthier children, help sick people, and countless benefits God may allow. Reminding people it will be regulated can tame fears, because many mistaken legalisation as no rules to protect children and adults in public places. Our Jamaican producers can consider rythyms and Albums for such a tour… Forward to activists, business folks, politicians, and Artists in your country.



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