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Bawumia launches new “MyNHIS app” to improve access to health care

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Bawumia launches new “MyNHIS app” to improve access to health care

A new, comprehensive online self-enrolment portal designed to make registration on to and renewal of existing membership of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) possible has been launched by the vice-president, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia

Known as the “MyNHIS app”, the new application includes a number of user-friendly features, such as enabling individuals who want to enrol with the NHIS to do so in the comfort of their home using their mobile phone, instead of having to do so at an NHIS district office.

It will also allow members of the scheme to renew their membership and that of third parties, access frequently asked questions (FAQs), assist in finding all NHIS offices and link NHIS Cards to their Ghana Cards, say officials of the National Health Insurance Authority.

Speaking at the launch in Tamale on Monday (5 December 2022), Vice-President Bawumia recalled that, on 19 December 2018, the government supported the management of the NHIS to launch a mobile renewal system which enables members whose cards have expired to renew their cards conveniently, using mobile phones.

Secure renewal

“This digital innovation has led to a remarkable increase in the proportion of members who renew their membership annually, thereby improving population coverage of the scheme,” Dr Bawumia said.

“At present, over 16 million people are active members of the scheme, representing 54% of the population – an increase from 40% in 2019. Out of this number, over 80% are old members who used the mobile application to renew their membership.

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“This has reduced the queue as well as the crowd at the offices of the NHIS, especially at the Tamale NHIS Metro Office where we used to see old men and women, pregnant women, the physically challenged, queuing from as early as 3am just to have their cards renewed in order to access health care.

“Digitalisation has made it possible by just dialling *929# and follow through the process to instantly renew your card without travelling to the office to queue.”

The MyNHIS app, Dr Bawumia explained, thus serves as an NHIS office in one’s home or pocket.

“The new NHIS mobile app will operate on both Android and iOS smartphones and will allow NHIS members to securely pay registration and membership renewal fees from their mobile money wallets, bank and Visa cards.

“Embedded in the MyNHIS app is a member authentication feature to enable health-care providers to validate the membership status of members of the scheme before providing health care to them. This feature of the application will also help to reduce spurious claims, ranging from impersonation and claims manufacturing resulting from collusion between NHIS clients and health-care providers.


“We believe that this milestone will accelerate progress towards our quest to achieve universal health coverage by 2030,” Dr Bawumia said.

Speaking earlier, the chief executive officer of the National Health Insurance Authority, Bernard Okoe Boye, hailed the impact of digitalisation on the scheme, saying it had affected every aspect of the NHIS’s operations, from human resource to turnaround times.

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“The future, indeed, remains digitalisation,” Dr Okoe Boye declared.

He also announced the inclusion of prostate cancer in the list of ailments covered by the NHIS, which currently caters for 95% of all ailments.



Source: Asaaseradio.com

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