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I’ve spent the last few newsletters talking about purpose and intention.

Our raison d’être.

It is not a new concept. Not really. It’s something that we had talked extensively about for a while now, along with plenty of examples in our book, Beyond Good.

Too many innovations fail because they are simply solutions looking for problems. Why we innovate and for whom we innovate matters.

And it’s something that makes business sense.

Just as using technology for good, creating sustainable and inclusive business models that benefit more in our society, deploying capital to support ideas that create a better future for our next generations, etc. etc.

The list goes on.

Yet, here we are.

Have we done enough? Are we doing enough?

In a recent event, Dan Schulman, CEO of PayPal, summed it up perfectly:

Capitalism needs an upgrade.

“To many people who are left out of the system, who struggle to make ends meet and don’t believe in the American dream anymore, they tend to radicalize to the far left or far right. So how do we strengthen our democracy by thinking more broadly?”

As we grapple with the changing world, one where privacy and rights are increasingly under threat, one where we are fast approaching the climate tipping points, I can’t help but wonder (again and again), shouldn’t we have done more?

On healthcare and women’s health (and rights) in particular …

“Access to healthcare is a right. It’s not politics; it’s a basic right, just like access to clean water, food and education. These are not political issues. They are existential issues that should concern all of us, regardless of our role.”

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On sustainability and do more for our planet …

“To meet expectations of today and create a sustainable business for the future, organizations must think beyond short-term profit and put people and the planet at the center of their operations. We have an opportunity to change the trajectory for the future, starting with being intentional with our actions today.”

We are far from being done.

And while COVID-19 might have set us back, and it feels as though progress have stalled on multiple fronts, failure is not inevitable.

We know what needs to be done. We have seen first hand what happens when women get the opportunity and the access to capital.

As Melinda French Gates wrote so eloquently: “True equality depends not only on a woman’s ability to access a livelihood, but also on her ability to control it fully. It means not just putting food on a kitchen table, but also being able to make decisions for her family around that table. It means not just benefiting from a government policy, but designing those policies. It means not just empowerment, but real, lived power.”

“Gender equality depends on women having power, not just empowerment.” ~ Melinda French Gates

Now is time to build what matters.

Now is the time to vote, with your voice, your action, and your wallet.

If not now, then when?


In this week’s One Vision podcast …

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We consume a lot of information each day. When we read the latest news about what’s going on in fintech, venture capital, and the different spectrum of new technology, we aren’t always provided context around the broader story, nor are we often brought into the lives of those building what’s next. Context is important, as is understanding how technologies are impacting our lives. Those that shape the news can either remove or fan the flames of biases around our perception of these changes and how they impact our communities.

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In this episode of One Vision, Bradley Leimer chats with Mary Ann Azevedo, Senior Report at TechCrunch, about how she sees the current fintech landscape, and how she approaches the craft and responsibility of reporting the changing face of technology.

Give this episode a listen, and let us know what you think.

Finally … join us virtually at the upcoming United Nations General Assembly 77 (UNGA77) Science Summit on September 28, along with 100+ ministers and 100k participants and diplomats. A big shout out to  for the wonderful opportunity.

Register here!

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Source: Theodora Lau | The FinTech Prose

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