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Dear foreigner, don’t leave Ghana without trying these dishes. Ghana is a hub of creativity when it comes to food and cooking. The main staples for most tribes and regions are carbohydrate based. The typical staple foods in the some part of Ghana include cassava and plantain, millet, beans, maize and yam. In Ghana food is something that is shared among all ethnic groups. It is not surprising to see a northerner constantly pounding fufu even though it is the major staple of the Akans.  Foreigners have  the chance to taste a variety of meals in Ghana.  From restaurants, to food stalls and street food.  The list of famous and delicious foods are endless. This list captures a few of the most popular and affordable dishes in Ghana. Feel free to explore and try out new dishes. You will be surprised at how much you will like them.  They include,

1. Waakye

Waakye is one of the most popular meals in Ghana. From street stalls to restaurants and local food joints. The recipe is a mixture of beans and rice. It is originally a northen dish but cross eating in Ghana is highly accepted. Hence it can  be found almost everywhere on the streets of Accra, kumasi and other major cities in Ghana. Waakye is mostly taken with an assortment of fried plantain, gari, spaghetti, shito and avocado.

2. Kenkey and Fish

Kenkey is one of the principal fermented foods consumed in Ghana. It is prepared from fermented ground white corn (maize). To prepare kenkey, the corn has to be ground first into flour and mixed with warm water, followed by fermentation (for two to three days) into maize dough. It is a staple that originated from the Ga-inhabited regions of West Africa. It usually served with pepper sauce and fried fish or soup, stew. Kenkey is made up of complex carbohydrates, low protein, low fat and high fiber content. It is one of the commonest foods in Ghana especially in Kumasi and Accra. It is mostly eaten in the afternoon as lunch because of its heaviness. Imagine eating a hot kenkey on a hot afternoon with hot pepper, sardine and red fish. Mouth watering!!!!

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3. Ghana Jollof

The controversy on which African Jollof tastes better has been going on for years especially between Ghana and Nigeria. My best advice is for every foreigner to try Ghana Jollof.  Jollof is a national favorite meal. It is the combination of a rich tomato sauce which soaks up the rice and turns out a rich orange color after it is cooked. It is taken with a variety of side dishes like plantain, salad and enjoyed better with meat, chicken or egg.

4. Fufu and Soup

Plantain and cassava (sometimes yam instead) are cooked and then pounded until the dough has the required consistency. It is then paired with delicious light soup, groundnut soup and more. Fufu is originally an Akan staple. However cross culture sharing is a trademark of Ghana so it is available in different regions across the country. Homemade fufu is particularly popular on Sundays since this is the day a lot of people are available to prepare fufu. It is quiet a task since it involves preparing the fufu and soup separately. However a fufu is available at restaurants, chop bars and food joints. Every foreigner should try out fufu. it is one of the most delicious meals in Ghana.

5. Red Red (Gari and Beans)

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular meals in Ghana. Especially in places like Kumasi and Accra. It is also one of the cheapest foods you can find around. With as little as 1 dollar, you can have a filled meal of plantain and beans. The meal is made from Beans and palm oil as the main meal and an assortment of ripe plantain and Gari.  It can be taken with Egg, sausage, or fish. It can be found on the streets and in restaurants and food joints.

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6. Kebab ( Chinchinga)

Although not a meal, kebab is one of the most enjoyed snacks in Ghana. Usually accompanied with drinks during events. It is usually made from cow meat or gizzard and garnished with vegetables and tomato sauce to give it a unique taste. It is so delicious that you might spend all your money on it if care is not taken.

7. Banku and Tilapia

Go out in the evening and you will be surprised at the number of Banku and tilapia joints there in in the streets. Banku and tilapia is quite expensive but it doesn’t eliminate the fact that its a peoples favorite. Its a combination of Banku, Corn and Cassava dough for the Banku, served with Grilled Tilapia and either stew, shito or pepper. It is  highly nutritional with Banku being a high energy food and Tilapia, being very healthy and rich in protein. The Tilapia is grilled with spices and garnished beautifully with vegetables to give it a pleasing look. It can be found around in stalls, food centres, restaurants and chop bars.

Common Ghanaian dishes

8. Ampesi (Yam or Plantain)

Ampesi could be Yam or Plantain with stew. The stew can be garden egges or Kontomire stew. It can be eaten with Salted Tilapia called “Koobi”, egg or sardine. It is can be enjoyed by adding palm oil to the garden eggs or kontomire.  Kontomire is said to have a lot of health benefits.

9. Fried Yam and Pepper

The majority of Ghanaian staples are carbohydrate based. However, Ghanaian have found ways to make diverse meals out of it. One of such meals is fried Yam. It is made by Beautifully slicing yams into tiny shapes and frying them into chiplike texture. They are then taken with hot pepper or Shito. Various assortments like fish, salad, tilapia or fried eggs can be added to enhance the taste of the meal.

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10. Gari and Pepper

Another innovative way of eating cassava, which is a major staple in Ghana is by turning it into Gari. Gari is a major source of meal to a lot of people in Ghana particularly students in the senior high school. However, it can be made into a rich meal which can be enjoyed by the young and old. It can be made by using either gold or hot water to stir the Gari into a ball or any desired shape. Pepper, stew or Shito can be added according to preference. Finally fish, tilapia or sardine also enhances the taste of the food.

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