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From Journalism to Public Affairs: Hasna Boufkiri’s Inspiring Story

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From Journalism to Public Affairs: Hasna Boufkiri’s Inspiring Story

Rabat – As Morocco celebrated National Women’s Day on October 10, Morocco World News is highlighting the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.

Celebrations are most often connected with how far Morocco has come regarding women’s rights but these times also call to honor women who are pushing boundaries and changing our world.

Hasna Boufkiri is of Amazigh descent and was born and raised in Rabat. At the age of 19, Boufkiri became the SNRT’s (The Moroccan Public Broadcasting Company) youngest broadcast reporter and television news anchor.

Her professional experience was initially marked with a mix of fear, joy, and a sense of immense responsibility toward the millions of viewers who watched her.

Boufkiri‘s impressive career continued to grow; in 2009, she was hired as a media specialist at the US embassy in Morocco, where she worked for six years.

Throughout Boufkiri’s career she oversaw the press and public affairs department. Alongside her co-workers, she worked on senior delegation visits between Morocco and the United States, media monitoring, and daily reports on current events, among other responsibilities.

In 2015,  Boufkiri had a radical career change and joined the multinational Citibank in North Africa as a public affairs officer. After five years, Boufkri received a promotion to become vice president of public affairs for the bank, which involved relocating to the United Arab Emirates.

Pursuit Of Knowledge

Hasna Boufkiri obtained an associate degree in Graphic Design and Computer Science from the Polytechnic School of Telecommunication in Rabat.

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A hunger for knowledge pushed her to then pursue a bachelor’s degree in Communication, Public Relations, and Broadcast Media at the Higher Institute of Information and Communication (ISIC) in Rabat, where she discovered her passion for journalism. Meanwhile, she also studied courses in graphic design and programming.

Boufkiri furthermore has a dual master’s degree International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs from Mohammed V University in Rabat, as well as a Master of Business Administration from the International University of Casablanca.

“To Be One’s Own Master And One’s Own Disciple.”

Hasna Boufkiri is a trailblazer whose remarkable career and inspirational journey continue to inspire women all over the world. During a conference for women’s empowerment titled “FemmesManagers,’’ Boufkiri gave an uplifting speech.

The speech emphasized the importance of self-confidence while quoting the philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti “The most important thing is to be oneself, to be one’s own light, one’s own master and one’s own disciple.’’

At the women’s empowerment event she recalled how her professor had told her that she would never succeed on television and that she was not “telegenic.” Yet, Boufkiri did not let his remarks bring her down as she became the youngest reporter and news presenter in the history of the SNRT.

“I believe that the key to success is to be an eternal learner. I think that we never stop learning,’’ Boufkiri said.

The Moroccan journalist has  a remarkable career that was propelled by self-development, a desire for knowledge, and tenacity, inspiring us all to step outside of our comfort zones and never stop learning!

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Source: Morocco World News

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