Ghana – EU Climate Action Competition & TV Show Is BACK

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Ghana – EU Climate Action Competition & TV Show Is BACK

Last year, I dabbled in the world of TV for an exciting project supported by Ghana’s Government and the European Union produced by Carbon AV.

My fellow judges and I were super impressed by the top 10 entrepreneurs we got to work with through Season 1 and look forward to unearthing more Youth-led Climate Action ventures focused on the acute need for clean energy, sustainable food, building and general production technologies at scale.

As an ecosystem builder, ScaleUp Africa works with funders and stakeholders to develop, showcase and mobilize more funding for Climate and Sustainability ventures in the Africa for the missing middle, women and youth. Entrepreneurs in Africa remain woefully underfunded and in my view, over supported. We need more international grants and social funders to catalyse private sector investment in innovation and commercial solutions to development challenges, especially climate.

Season 1’s winner of Ghana’s #CircularEconomyCompetition saw ENTOFARMS Ghana Theophilus Dumenyo receive GHS 65,000k courtesy of European Union in Ghana as well as ongoing coaching and support. Season 2’s cash prize is GHS 100,000 with a tangible commitment from the Team to provide more advisory and partnership support to the top performers that emerge from the process. The broad adoption of Circular Economy principles presents immense opportunities to transform waste into resources with tangible opportunities for Sustainable Job Creation at scale – using waste as a resource and regarding waste as a design flaw in all spheres of our economy.

‘Linear’ economies have developed on the basis of Take-Make-Waste which is clearly unsustainable and the principles of Circular Economy encourage us to regenerate and behave more like nature in the way that is …well, ‘Circular’.

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“Many products could be circulated by being maintained, shared, reused, repaired, refurbished, remanufactured, and, as a last resort, recycled. Food and other biological materials that are safe to return to nature can regenerate the land, fuelling the production of new food and materials.”

Take a look at the websites and profile pages below to learn more about what’s going on at the grassroots level and globally:

Ellen MacArthur Foundation is a fantastic organisation that has been working to develop very engaging content to promote the Circular Economy in recent years – “to solve big problems like climate change, waste, and pollution, we need a big idea. It’s time to rethink how we design, make, and use the things we need, from the food we eat to the clothes we wear. Together, we can create a better future for business, society and the natural world.” I’ve learnt so much from their amazing team and case studies.

Africa and other emerging economies in the Global South have contributed the least to climate change but are already bearing the brunt of flooding, extreme heat and changing weather which affects agricultural production and is already impacting the cost of food; destroying lives, livelihoods and economies. With projects like the Circular Economy Competition and Show, we have an opportunity to help more young African activists and organisations like Nadia Owusu JOSHUA ADEDEJI Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO) to emerge and get the support they need to deliver more #Sustainabilty #ClimateAction projects.

If you’re reading this and are thinking of the guy who uses broken glass to create beautiful vases, or the lady who uses plastic waste to create sustainable building materials, feel free to tag them and encourage them to apply for this opportunity. We encourage activists and innovative changemakers tackling our waste and environmental challenges head on to apply to the Circular Economy Competition 2023.

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Apply here (by 4 Feb): http://www.eu-cec.com


Source: African Ecosystem Matters

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