Hajia4Reall Takes a Break from Instagram Amidst Alleged $2M Romance Scam

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Hajia4Reall Takes a Break from Instagram Amidst Alleged $2M Romance Scam

Ghanaian socialite, Mona Faiz Montrage widely known as Hajia4Reall has temporarily deactivated her Instagram account with all her posts wiped out.

It is unclear what could account for her decision despite the fact that she’s currently in home confinement over her alleged $2m romance scam.

Checks on her official Instagram account show that all her posts have been taken down with the inscription “hi nosy. This account is temporarily unavailable for your viewing.”

A screen shot of Mona4Real’s Instagram account

However, a post from blogger GH Hyper indicated her decision is to focus on her five-month course in English Composition and Public Speaking at Union College in New York.

“You may have recently heard that Hajia4Reall had been granted permission to attend school in the U.S and well, there’s a new update on that! Mona has been granted admission to the Union University College to study during the upcoming spring semester.

“In order to concentrate on her studies, Mona has deactivated all her social media accounts! If you know Mona you know how she loves social media so this is just an indication of her intention to truly take her education seriously. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” he wrote.

A screenshot of GhHyper’s post on Instagram

The US court recently granted Hajia4Reall’s request to pursue a course at the Union University College in New York. This was after her new lawyer, Michael Perkins prayed to the court to ease her pre-trial bail restrictions to make it more convenient for her to attend classes.

Hajia4Reall in the court document stated that she intends to pursue a five-months course from January to May 2024.

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Hajia4Reall changes her attorney

Mona Faiz Montrage in anticipation of her trial sought a change of her legal representation in October 2023.

This follows her decision to cease working with her previous attorney Adam Cortez, who had been her attorney since the initiation of her prosecution.

According to legal documents, Hajia4Real submitted a request for a change in attorney to the US court on November 8, 2023, and it was granted on November 9, 2023.

She was granted her new attorney in the person of Ms. Eleanor Fast from ‘The Fast Law Firm PC’ to handle her case going forward. The specific reasons for her decision to switch lawyers remain undisclosed.

Her attorney then pleaded with the court to grant her 60 days so she could familiarise herself with the case adequately before the trial which was scheduled on November 13, 2023.

I may not have the voice, but I have the swag for music – Hajia4reall

The court ended up granting her and the new attorney 45 days to make the necessary preparations.


Hajia4Reall was extradited from the United Kingdom to the US on allegations of defrauding over $2 million from older, single American men and women in a deceptive Lonely Hearts scam in May 2023.

Per investigations and prosecutor’s accounts, the socialite opened five bank accounts under the name of different non-existing business ventures in three different banks in Bronx, New York.

Prosecutor’s said these accounts accrued deposits that totaled $2,165,000 from victims of alleged romance scams targeting older men and single Americans.




Source: 3news

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