I’ll Reveal More In My Second Book – Kwasi Appiah

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Former Black Star coach, James Kwasi Appiah has promised to reveal a lot more about his time with the national team in his second book which he expects to outdoor if his first book titled ‘Leaders Don’t Have To Yell’ becomes a hit.

According to Appiah who qualified Ghana to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, it is sometimes difficult for coaches like him to reveal damning and incriminating details about a team because he is not retired and might work with the same players and officials he mentions in a book.

However, with the thought of retirement playing heavy on his mind, Appiah is confident that if he finally calls it quit regarding his coaching career, he will be a lot more forthcoming with details about things that happened during his time as a player and coach.

“You know sometimes when you are still coaching you are careful not to reveal certain things but once you are retired or no longer coaching then you won’t have to think too much about the details you reveal. I plan on having another book soon and maybe in that book I will reveal a lot more things about my time as a player and as a coach,” Appiah told Accra-based Starr FM.

Kwasi Appiah recently lost his job as Black Stars coach after the Ghana Football Association decided not to extend his contract when it expired on December 31.

He is using his time away from active duty to promote the launch of his maiden book which he argues is a must-have for every active and aspiring footballer and coach.

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Appiah also admitted that two Premier League coaching greats are the inspiration behind the authoring of his book “Leaders don’t have to yell”

In an interview with Joy Sports, Appiah revealed that he felt highly encouraged to emulate after reading Sir Alex Ferguson’s My Autobiography and Arsene Wenger’s book titled Arsene Wenger – The Inside story of Arsenal under Arsene.

“I understood why they[Ferguson and Wenger] took certain decisions and how they handled certain complex situations,” he told Joy Sports Editor, Nathaniel Attoh in an interview.

The 59-year-old, who also played for Black Stars between 1987 and 1992, said he chose these two coaching icons as mentoring figures because of their experiences gathered which were also crowned with big achievements. “They also made some very big players and managed their expectations and egos.”

“The book gets everyone close to me. I do appreciate the space I have operated in. When the results don’t go well everyone will criticize and think they know you better than everyone else.”

“What people do not know is that every decision I have taken or the way I have conducted myself is informed by something. The fact that I am calm and keep a cool demeanour doesn’t mean I am weak. In fact, quiet people are the toughest,” he said.

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