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Subtle signs in the morning that mean increased diabetes risk

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Subtle signs in the morning that mean increased diabetes risk

01/9​Diabetes- The slient killer

Diabetes is often called a silent killer that affects the overall functioning of the body gravely. It gradually causes serious complications leading to heart problems, kidney damage, vision-related issues and other concerns. There are plenty of symptoms comprehending diabetes, but many of them do not show at all or get flustered with the other health issues.

by Shifa Khan

02/9​Here’s what the expert says

Dr. BM Makkar, Senior Diabetologist, President RSSDI says, “Sometimes these symptoms are so subtle that it becomes difficult to distinguish them from others. For this reason, it becomes all the more essential to be acquainted with the symptoms associated with diabetes and be able to identify the specific signals produced by your body while diabetes is unfolding inside. Many of us aren’t even aware that our body signals multiple warning signs in the morning that can help identify high blood sugar levels.”

Here are a few morning signs of diabetes:


03/9​Dry Mouth

The most significant warning sign for diabetes in the morning is dry mouth. If you experience dry mouth or feel extremely thirsty right after waking up in the morning often, then consider it an alert to diabetes and get your blood sugar levels checked immediately.

05/9​Blurry vision

“If you get a blurry vision when you wake up in the morning, you must quickly check your blood sugar levels. Diabetes may also cause the eye lens to enlarge, which could result in hazy vision. Your eye’s lens may change shape and your vision may become blurry if your blood sugar levels go from low to normal quickly. After your blood sugar levels have stabilised, your vision returns to normal,” says Dr. Makkar.

06/9Numb feet

Damaged nerves can result from high blood sugar (glucose). The nerves in the legs and feet are most frequently affected by diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy symptoms can range from tingling and pain to numbness in the hands, feet, and legs, depending on which nerves are affected.


Fatigue is a typical diabetes symptom that is not only present in cases of uncontrolled diabetes. People may have a number of symptoms, including weariness, that together may indicate concomitant psychological, medical, metabolic, endocrine, and acute or chronic issues.

08/9​What are a few other morning symptoms in diabetics?

If you get a feeling of disorientation, faintness, tiredness and numb feet when you wake up, it may be an alarming signal of fluctuating blood levels. These changes are very subtle in their nature and are often considered normal in general opinion. However, they are crucial to determine the presence of diabetes in your body. It is always best to take preventive measures rather than curative ones.



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